Mission Statement

The mission of the Western Massachusetts Learning Centers for Children is to:

  • Provide, free of charge, the highest quality multi-sensory reading and
    written language tutorial services for children with dyslexia, within a
    network of school-based learning centers throughout Western Massachusetts.
  • Recruit and train qualified tutors to teach children with dyslexia how
    to read.
  • Advance the body of scientific knowledge of dyslexia through support of
    clinical research, to improve today’s standards and tomorrow’s care.

Board Of Directors




Robert W. Clarke

William R. Barnett

Leslie P. Lohnes
Joseph J. Berlandi, Esq.
Neil D. McElwey
Donald G. Scott
John A. Thomas
Allen G. Zippin

Phyllis B. Meisel, President
Orton Gillingham
Association, LLC

Background & History

The Western Massachusetts Learning Centers for Children, Inc. is a Massachusetts Charitable 501(c) 3 Corporation. The program began
in 2005 in the Mosier Elementary School,


Our Program is two-fold and includes:

  • The training of teachers and other
    professionals for certification in the
    Orton-Gillingham approach of tutoring children with dyslexia.
  • The tutoring of children with
    dyslexia, on a one to one basis,
    free of charge, within a public
    school setting.

Our goal is to increase the number of
Public Schools we service thereby
increasing the number of school teachers
we certify as tutors and consequently
increasing the number of children with
dyslexia that we tutor.

South Hadley, for the expressed purpose of tutoring young children how to read and manage their learning disability through its Public School Initiative Program.

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